Selected presentations

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May 2018

Probabilistic Substrate Mapping in Rivers and Seas with Conditional Random Fields of Acoustic Backscatter

Geohab 2018: Geological and Biological Habitat Mapping Conference, Santa Barbara, CA.

April 2018

Mapping echoes: the acoustics of riverbeds and shallow seafloors

School of Informatics, Computing and Cyber Systems, Northern Arizona University

October 2017

Comprehensive Sediment Transport Monitoring in Fine Grained Rivers with High Suspended Loads.

USGS Minnesota Water Science Center, Mounds View, MN. 

September 2017

Exploring Sand Dune Scaling Relations in a large canyon river

River, Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics Symposium, Padova, Italy

August 2017

Automated Substrate Characterization Using Low-Cost Sidescan Sonar: Challenges and Opportunities

American Fisheries Society Annual Conference, Tampa, Florida

March 2017

Particle Size 'by Proxy': Decoding the Textural Information in Scattered Sound and Light

Utah Water Research Laboratory, College of Engineering, Utah State University

December 2016

Structure-from-Motion: Grand Canyon style

Remote Sensing Coastal Change Workshop, USGS Pacific Coastal & Marine Science Center

October 2016

Particle Size ‘by Proxy’: Decoding the Textural Information in Remotely Sensed Landforms

School of Earth Sciences & Environmental Sustainability, Northern Arizona University,
Flagstaff, AZ. 

July 2016

Stochasticity of riverbed backscattering, with implications for acoustical classification of non-cohesive sediment using multibeam sonar

8th International Conference on Fluvial Hydraulics, St. Louis, MO

January 2016

The Digital Grain Size Web Computing Application

USGS Center for Data Integration, Denver, CO

January 2016

Observations of sand dune migration on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon

Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program Adaptive Management Work Group Meeting, Phoenix, AZ

April 2015

Considerations for unsupervised riverbed sediment characterization using low-cost sidescan sonar: Examples from the Colorado River, AZ and the Penobscot River, ME.

10th Federal Interagency Sedimentation Conference, Reno, NV

April 2015

Hydroacoustic signatures of Colorado riverbed sediments in Marble and Grand Canyons using multibeam sonar

10th Federal Interagency Sedimentation Conference, Reno, NV

December 2014

Topographic and acoustic estimates of grain-scale roughness from high-resolution multibeam echo-sounder: examples from the Colorado River in Marble and Grand Canyons

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA

August 2014

Measuring bed sediments for improved sediment budgets and physical habitat assessment

Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program Adaptive Management Work Group Meeting, Flagstaff, AZ

December 2013

Acoustic Scattering by an Heterogeneous River Bed: Relationship to Bathymetry and Implications for Sediment Classification using Multibeam Echosounder Data

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA

July 2012

Schmidt number of sand suspensions under oscillating-grid turbulence

33rd International Conference on Coastal Engineering, Santander, Spain

July 2012

Digital Grain Size

British Geological Survey, Marine Geosciences Division, Edinburgh, UK

February 2012

Nearshore Sediment Transport Through the Looking Glass

Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center, Flagstaff, AZ

February 2012

Co-variation of intertidal morphology, bedforms and grain size on a macrotidal sand beach: Praa Sands, UK

Ocean Sciences 2012, Salt Lake City, UT

December 2011

How do you tell how big something is without direct measurement? Estimating grain size using an image’s spectrum

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA

November 2010

Hourly Measurements of Grain-Size from the Inner Continental Shelf Seabed Using a Fully-
Automated, Hydraulically-Controlled Underwater Video Microscope

Particles in Europe 2010, Villefranche-Sur-Mer, France

June 2010

An automated and ’universal’ method for measuring mean grain size from a digital image of

9th Federal Interagency Sedimentation Conference, Las Vegas, NV

February 2010

Modeling sand resuspension and stratification in turbulent nearshore flows: sensitivity to grain size distribution

Ocean Sciences 2010, Portland, OR

February 2010

Turbulence, Sediment Stratification and Altered Resuspension under Waves

Centre for Coastal Science and Engineering, University of Plymouth, UK

January 2009

Morphodynamics and sediment dynamics of a macrotidal gravel beach

Coastal and Marine Geology, United States Geological Survey, Santa Cruz, CA

September 2008

Granular Properties from Digital Images of Sediment: Implications for Coastal Sediment Transport Modelling

31st International Conference on Coastal Engineering (ICCE), Hamburg, Germany

December 2007

The relationship between sediment properties and sedimentation patterns on a macrotidal gravel
beach over a semi lunar tidal cycle

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA

May 2007

Field observations of step dynamics on a macrotidal gravel beach

Coastal Sediments 2007, New Orleans, LA